Mission and goals

Company mission

Revival and support of the belief in successful and booming agricultural business. Development and prosperity of our company, our lands and our people.

Strategic goals

  1. Fullest customer satisfaction with the quality of our products and services.
  2. Full load rate of the grain processing facility.
  3. Always newest and high-yield seed varietys.
  4. Continuous improvement of land fertility.
  5. Economically efficient land use with regard to its fertility, elevation pattern and other properties.
  6. Efficient use of proper machines through increased market share of agriculture-related services.
  7. Continuous improvement and maintenance of high competence level of our staff.
  8. High degree of financial and moral satisfaction of our personnel, fulfilling of their professional goals.
  9. Renovation of the social infrastructure, rekindling of the will to live and work in the territories of our business activity.

Tactical goals

  1. Building of a smooth system of production and business processes.
  2. Introduction of interactive managerial accounting and effective data exchange.
  3. Creation of a well organised and coordinated team able to cope with any agricultural business challenge; promoting initiative and involvement in pursuing common goals.
  4. Maintaining of the spirit of mutual confidence and assistance within the team; zero tolerance to stealing, sabotage, sloppiness and negligence.
  5. Quality control at every stage (planting, treatment, harvesting, storage).
  6. Testing and implementation of innovations in IT, chemistry, engineering, etc.
  7. Search for new market segments and fields of activity.
  8. Introduction of all lands within our territory in use.



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