Terra Gratia – new opportunities

3-fold enlargement of cropped area and more...

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Future technology

We use precise farming techniques

Modern grain processing facility

A grain drying facility with a seed processing plant for 10 tons per hour shall be started in 2022

Terra Nostra

Since 2019 Terra Nostra agricultural enterprise has been a team of ambitious and inspired people who have proved that effective arable farming in Belarus is possible

Terra Gratia

Terra Gratia was founded in 2020 as a natural spin-off of the company intended to enlarge the cropped area 3-fold making Terra Nostra Group the major land user in Vitebsk Region

A piece of data

Terra Nostra group of companies has sufficient resources to implement most daring investment projects

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is the area of available arable lands


is the number of special machines used by the company


is the total area of own facilities and warehouse


is the number of people employed permanently or temporarily

We are proud of our work

Maximum yield indices of main crops at Terra Nostra in 2020


  • Winter rape – 4400 kg/ha;
  • Winter wheat – 9200 kg/ha;
  • Winter rye – 9300 kg/ha

Despite operating on the northern lands, we have already shown high yield (in comparison with the country average) and shall proceed with increasing productivity.

In 2019 Terra Nostra was entitled to nearly 3,500 ha of agricultural lands under land use entitlements

The average land score is 24. 1,550 ha of the acquired lands had not been cultivated for a long time until entitled to Terra Nostra. We immediately started cultivation on 3,300 ha: ploughing, glyphosating, fertilising.

As on 2021 3,100 ha have been used for crop rotation, including 1,150 ha reclaimed

Precise farming and process automation

Currently we are focused on:

  • Automated and automatic agronomical, recording and accounting processes (Wialon, Hecterra, Fort Monitor, Cropio, Trimble, 1SOFT: Agricultural Company Management, 1C Agro)
  • Fields digitalising (including identification of non-cultivable lands) by drones and autopilot systems
  • Differentiated introduction of fertilisers, seeds, plant protectors; seeding map, treatment map
  • Yield mapping
  • Autopilot, manoeuvring systems
  • Plant protector introduction by drones
  • Targeted application, machine sensor readings integration into the Ecosystem

Grain drying facility with a grain & seed processing plant in Senno


The facility shall make a significant part of the seed stock processing and logistics of the whole region.

  • Grain dryer – 3,000 tons
  • Grain storage sheds – 15,000 tons
  • Personnel – 10
  • Occupied area – 4.3 ha
  • Drying capacity – 36 t/hour
  • Seed processing capacity – 10 t/hour

For investors

Learn how to earn with Terra Nostra Group

  • Over the last 3 years the prices at the global food markets has risen by 50 % on the average (cereals – by 60 %, oil-bearing plants – by over 100 %).

  • Strangely, but the main advantage of Belarus as an agricultural investment destination is low opinion of agricultural business in the country. Agriculture here is traditionally believed to be a bottomless abyss where a huge flow of money disappears. Very few see actually profitable enterprises and opportunities created by the state of the market described above. All these provides a low base effect which shall not remain long.

  • Why invest in Terra Nostra Group?  

    Terra Nostra Group is one of the pioneering investors in crop farming in Belarus. By the third year of business we have elaborated work processes and quality control, have expanded our cropped lands to 11 thousand hectares, have composed the appropriate staff and machinery. In 2022 we shall start a 10 t/h seed processing facility. Now we have everything to be able to explore and enjoy to the fullest extent the opportunities that will be offered by the food markets during the upcoming years.


Wide range of services for land users, grain manufacturers and peasants

Freight services

We are ready to carry any agricultural cargo within Belarus and abroad.

Agricultural machines for lease

We will help you to cultivate your land, to plant and harvest your crops.

Grain storage

We are furnished with advanced equipment to handle grains.

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