Koldun spring barley, elite

Mid-season variety of spring barley for brewery applications.
Цена: от 1200 Br /тонна
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Crop yield

Over the years of testing by the State Inspection for Testing and Protection of Plant Varieties (2018-2020) the Koldun spring barley showed the crop yield 7200 kg/ha higher (+15.5%) than the average reference varieties (Brovar, Avance, Brennus, Overture). The average and maximum crop yields of the Koldun variety (5380 and 9560 kg/ha) are higher than those of foreign varieties KWS Beckii, SW 16-8001 and Fandaga.


Average weight: 50.1 g/1000 grains
Grain unit: 633 g/l
Filminess: 7.5%

Ripening and applications

Vegetative period 74-89 days, which is 1-2 days less than that of the Avance reference. High resistance to lodging. Immunity to powdery mildew provided by high-efficient mlo11 gene allele.

High brewing value of malt. Average proteins content – 11.75%. Malt extraction – 82.7%. Friability – 67.6%. Grain size rate – 94.7%.

The variety is under to state testing in 3 to 7 regions of Russia since 2020.


Bulletin board

Кладовщик - от 700 до 900 бел. руб.

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