Zhana spring feed barley

Registered on the State Registry for the Western Siberian Region (10). Recommended for cultivation in the Omsk Region.
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Nutans variety. Semi-erect/intermediate tuft. Non-pubescent lower leaf sheath. Intensive anthocyan colour of flag leaf ligules. Medium was coating on the sheath. Short to medium-length plant. Pyramidal/cylindrical loose/medium-density head with medium/heavy wax coating. Serrated awns longer than the head, of medium-intensity anthocyan-coloured ends. Short/medium-length slightly curved first rachilla. Deviated sterile spikelet. Long depression of the main caryopsis striga. Low/medium-intensity anthocyan colouring of the outer lemma ribs. No or low laceration or the internal side ribs of the outer lemma. Very large caryopsis with non-depressed ventral crease and embracing lodicule.

Crop yield

Weight: 46-57 g/1000 grains. The average yield in the acceptable region – 28400 kg/ha. 2600 kg/ha in the Omsk Region which is 240 kg/ha above the Omsky 91 standard. The maximum yield at 8420 kg/ha was obtained in 2011 in the Tyumen Region.

Ripening capability

Mid-season, vegetative period 67-86 days, ripe 1-3 days earlier than the Signal variety and 3-5 days earlier than the Biom and Omsky 91. Resistance to lodging. Draught resistance 0.5-1.0 below the Biom and Signal standards in the draught years. Proteins content – 10.4-13.5%.
Source: Registry of the Gossortcommission of Russia.


High productivity and quality of the grain for brewery

  • Processability, flexibility in terms of cultivation regions
  • Adapted to lean soils
  • Good formation of productive stand
  • High grain content; grains of high kernel size, uniformity and quality
  • Great disease profile
  • High resistance to head breakage when fully ripened

Morpho-biological characteristics

Ripening: early
Weight: 46-57 g/1000 grains
Grain content: high
Proteins content, %: 10.4-13.5
Fibre content: high
Grain unit: above average
Yield capability, kg/ha, max.: 8000

Agronomical characteristics

Draught resistance: 9
Lodging resistance: 9
Brown rust resistance: 8
Powdery mildew resistance: 8
Septoria resistance: 8
Fusarium head blight resistance: 8



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