Saatbau Linz type green pea (Austria)

New high-tech variety with the highest yield capacity and protein content.
Цена: от 2000 Br /тонна
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Crop yield

Very high potential crop yield and superb grain quality
High protein content
Fast initial growth
High and strong plant with superb resistance to lodging
Great resistance to pod shatter

Morpho-biological characteristics

Weight, max.: 300 g/1000 grains
Plant height, cm, max.: 110
Number of inflorescences: 3-5
Grains per bean: 7-8
Grain colour: yellow
Potential crop yield, kg/ha, max.: 6000

Agronomical characteristics

Draught resistance: 9
Sprout energy: 10
Lodging resistance: 10
Shedding resistance: 10
Root rot resistance: 9
Powdery mildew resistance: 9
Virus resistance: 10


Bulletin board

Кладовщик - от 700 до 900 бел. руб.

Требуется кладовщик для работы в Витебской области с полной занятостью

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